A Whole Home Audio System Offers Unrivaled Listening Pleasure


Experience High-Fidelity Audio as the Artist Intended

As the master of literary fairy tales, Hans Christian Anderson, once said, “When words fail, music speaks.” It’s an interesting statement from someone well-known for his beautiful words. Yet, these words ring true for those who have been profoundly moved by a soundtrack, concerto, or country ballad. 

Music shapes and transforms us, changes our moods and environment. With the right equipment, a whole-home audio system can deliver this quality of music, the kind that can change your life in Highland Park, TX. 

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What Is Whole-Home Audio?

Whole-home audio is, simply stated, a distributed audio system. A centralized audio system delivers music and audio to multiple spaces throughout the home. The speakers may be as large as floor-standing towers or barely visible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, depending on a home’s décor. 

The result is music that seems to surround you wherever you go. You can enjoy music that fills the whole home, as well as separate audio zones where you can play different music.

Zoned for Family Members

Of course, some family members may prefer 80s music, while others enjoy hip hop. Zones enable each family member to listen to streaming music, vinyl, podcasts, movies, audiobooks, and more simultaneously. They simply select the source, and their space fills with the sound of their choosing. 

Music Under the Stars

Our certified technicians can also install high-fidelity speakers throughout your backyard or estate. The carefully calibrated and placed landscape speakers will create a field of sound that the listener can enjoy throughout the property. 

Of course, audiophile-quality music can only come from equipment designed to produce music as the artist intended. That’s why, at Integrated Lifestyles, we partner with industry-leading brands that lead the pack in music reproduction. Those brands include Marantz, Sony, Origin Acoustics, Focal, and Amina.


Founded in the early 1950s, Saul Marantz used his engineering skills to develop the first hi-fi pre-amplifier designed for the home. His goal was pure and straightforward, the realistic reproduction of sound. 

Today, Marantz is known as one of the top hi-fi brands in the world, manufacturing receivers, and amplifiers that produce exceptional sound quality. 

Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics manufactures high-fidelity performance loudspeakers that must be heard to be believed. Their architectural ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers offer a sound that closely resembles the artist’s creation. 

Patented technology enables loudspeakers to pivot up to 30-degrees, allowing our technicians to strategically direct the sound even in tight places. So, you'll not only hear the music, you’ll feel it. 

Origin Acoustics is also known for its luxury landscape outdoor speakers with drivers that disperse in 360-degree patterns. This offers an immersive surround-sound experience, even outdoors. 


For over 40 years, Focal has been designing home audio loudspeakers. Made in France, these high-performance loudspeakers are developed by engineers who have made Focal into another world-renowned high-fidelity brand.

In addition to other technologies, the company is known for its inverted dome tweeters that produce less distortion at higher frequencies than classic tweeters.


Amina is known as the invisible speaker company. Their technology enables them to replace the cone with a flat panel that can fit into any wall or ceiling with zero visual impact. Once installed, drywall, plaster, or veneer can be applied over the top, making these speakers truly invisible. The music seems to come from the ceiling and walls, enveloping the listener. The flat panel and 180-degree wide dispersion create a room-filling sound.

At Integrated Lifestyles, we know that words only go so far. You can't explain high-fidelity music; you must hear it. That's why we've created a showroom to give our clients first-hand experience. 

Come experience these brands for yourself. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you determine the best line for your needs and budget, whether considering whole-home audio or a designated home theater. To learn more about high-fidelity audio or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Integrated Lifestyles today. 

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