Must-Have Home Automation Upgrades This Spring


Don’t Miss Out on These Smart Home Innovations

The spring is here, and you're likely looking to get outside to enjoy the warming Highland Park, TX air. There's plenty to do around town but don't neglect the fun you can have at home. Whether you want to spend time indoors or out, home automation can help you enjoy your property to the fullest extent. In this blog, we’ll explore some exciting smart technology innovations that will help you enjoy this season. Keep reading for more.

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Stay in Touch with the Family

When you're out in the backyard being the grill master, you don't want to head back inside to wrangle the family when the burgers are ready. Instead, just let them know via your smartphone. With Control4's new Intercom Anywhere, it's easy to communicate with any intercom system in your home.

Intercom Anywhere allows you to access your mounted intercoms via a smartphone or tablet. Enjoy full HD resolution and clear audio as you talk to your family. Whether you want to call them outside for a backyard barbecue or double check about groceries while you’re at the store, you can do so with Control4.


Encourage Wellness

Smart tech does more than help you stay in touch with one another. It also helps you stay healthy. Many manufacturers offer tunable lighting solutions -- which subtly adjust your electric lights to match your body’s natural circadian rhythms throughout the day.

Perfect for any time of year, tunable lighting automatically adjusts the color temperature of your light fixtures -- warmer in the afternoon, cooler in the morning and evening -- to simulate the way sunlight changes throughout the day. Don’t be fooled by the phrase “color temperature,” though. The light remains clear and white throughout the day.


Total Home Connectivity

An essential aspect of a smart home system is the network. Connectivity can be an issue on larger properties. Does your Wi-Fi reach to every part of your home? Even outside? A robust and reliable network will ensure you can use your technology throughout the space.

For instance, your integrator can run cables throughout your yard, buried underground, and connect each device directly to your central hub. This is a smart way to keep your system running for years without too much service and maintenance.

If that's not possible, they can also install a wireless mesh network. This network can operate on Wi-Fi or a smart home-exclusive platform like Zigbee or Z-Wave. Mesh networks don't work like a standard Wi-Fi router. Instead of broadcasting the signal, it sends one directly between nodes installed throughout your property. These expertly placed nodes create a mesh of strong network signals among them that is both safe and reliable.

That way, you can stream music out to the yard, watch a 4K movie on your deck, or turn the lights off in the bedroom while you barbecue.

No matter what your goal is for your home we can help make it a reality this season. Want to learn more about smart home upgrades for spring? Click here.

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