Shine a New Light with Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting

A modern kitchen illuminated by Vibrant Linear Lighting by Control4.

See the True Potential of Your Home’s Interiors & Exteriors 

We’ve written about Control4 smart lighting in the past, but that was primarily focused on smart LED lightbulb solutions. Now, Control4 has a new lighting product that all homeowners and interior designers should know about. 

Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting is an atmospheric, eye-catching addition to any room and can now be integrated into Control4 lighting systems. The light strips may be installed on or under any surface, with a beam of light shining as softly or dramatically as you’d like. 

Whether you’re building a new house, renovating, or looking to upgrade lighting in your Dallas, TX, home, Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting should be on your radar. Here’s how linear lighting works with Control4 and will enhance your Kessler Park-area home. 

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Embrace a Superior Lifestyle: Basic vs Luxury Lighting

A luxury home theater with a projector displaying a landscape.

Here’s how a luxury lighting installation can truly transform your lifestyle!

Believe it or not, home lighting plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Warm, amber-toned lights help you feel relaxed in the evening, while blue-white lights energize you throughout the day. Lighting also changes the way you perceive a room and accentuates your interior design. Undoubtedly, it is an essential tool to make your home more inviting and your lifestyle much more luxurious. 

In this blog, we’ll reveal how adding luxury lighting solutions can completely transform your home in the White Rock neighborhood or anywhere else in the Dallas, TX, area.

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